Jekyll 'n Hyde inside my mind, who shall I be, I cant decide......
Published on April 24, 2007 By Vampothika In Poetry

What do you do when a woman loves you, but you not her.
I had tried to appease, but my ill mind ceased to rest.
By the candles tears I tickered and functioned, but with no resolution.
What if by any means could I be rid of this emotion?

Oh how I tried to reason with this woman, reason until tired,
My mind grew weary as each day passed as an aging winter.
My brain was fettered, yes fettered as a silk that has grown much weary,
For there was no solution I could carry to calm my souls formality.

It was then that I began to hear suttle sugestions as ways of disposement..
These voices whom did not belong to me, begged indeed to be heard,
They pleaded for me to answer, but my heart would not heed their calls.
And drearily l lived onward with no solutions yet to speak.

In a last fruitless effort I summed the entirity of my being, soul and wits.
I commanded her to leave me, let me be, go away I cried.
But she refused confessing she loved me, and would until I die.

And so I sit here still, haunted by a love that tests me.
Compelling me of so many things that I must never do..
I am too weak to exhert foul plans that lay within my tormented mind.
Horrid things that are left best with unspeaking, in such a present doom.

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