Jekyll 'n Hyde inside my mind, who shall I be, I cant decide......
Published on February 25, 2007 By Vampothika In Poetry
I think I look alot like Jesus
I have long hair, Im always blue.
No one ever listens to me,
Yes I can see similarities.

Down the street, beggars at my feet,
Have you got a dime, can you feed me?
I saved a bird the other day,
from another pecking out it's brain.

On the subway Im crucified,
My hands are up on either side,
My feet are twisted beneath me,
It's not so easy to find a seat.

Homeward bound: its the red cross,
They stop me as they beg for blood,
I sigh and then roll up my sleeve,
A crimson tide for their mercy.

All these things I have done,
Now Im worn my day is gone.
A glass half full of blood like wine,
I'll close my eyes till morning time.


Paradoxically I am forgiven,
For I crave the crucifixion.
Take this burger, it is my flesh,
Take this cola, it is my blood,
Take this note, hola to the press,
I wanna be Jesus.

on Feb 25, 2007
If these pretty words of mine could become flesh. If I could somehow cease to be and then revive again, maybe I could be what I am not, instead of who I am. I am ?