Jekyll 'n Hyde inside my mind, who shall I be, I cant decide......
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April 8, 2008 by Vampothika
Of hair so raven black, her pale skin did shine,

Succulent lips the colour of darkest wine.

With flamingo like garnments, cutting  damp air,

Fall like magical clouds of a land not there.

A jingle of soft bells, the touch of her smile,

Jasmine decends like rain, through humid nights glow.

Hypnotizing and weaving among the dance you bestow.

Er Hu's plucked with passion do sing so sweetly in rhyme.

And takes me to far 'n beyond for a nickle at a time.

April 24, 2007 by Vampothika

What do you do when a woman loves you, but you not her.
I had tried to appease, but my ill mind ceased to rest.
By the candles tears I tickered and functioned, but with no resolution.
What if by any means could I be rid of this emotion?

Oh how I tried to reason with this woman, reason until tired,
My mind grew weary as each day passed as an aging winter.
My brain was fettered, yes fettered as a silk that has grown much weary,
For there was no solution I could carry t...
February 25, 2007 by Vampothika
I think I look alot like Jesus
I have long hair, Im always blue.
No one ever listens to me,
Yes I can see similarities.

Down the street, beggars at my feet,
Have you got a dime, can you feed me?
I saved a bird the other day,
from another pecking out it's brain.

On the subway Im crucified,
My hands are up on either side,
My feet are twisted beneath me,
It's not so easy to find a seat.

Homeward bound: its the red cross,
They stop me as they beg for blood,
I sigh and then roll u...